Lawnporn Moist 1L Bottle

Lawnporn Moist 1L Bottle

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MOIST is a professional grade soil wetter, designed to maximise water usage and availability in the root zone of lawn. MOIST is a unique combination of powerful surfactant technologies fuelling different roles in the water management process.

Includes a 1 litre bottle

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The benefits are a greatly improved lawn because you’ll have much better water retention abilities in the soil profile. Your lawn efficiently uses available water which is better managed in the soil.

MOIST is excellent for sandy soils, loam and clay soils. After application, irrigate 4-6mm of water depending on soil type (sandy soil less, loam more) to get the product into the profile of the soil. Typically a 10-15 minute water is a rough guide. Adjust to your conditions appropriately.

MOIST provides superior distribution of water throughout the rootzone. Uniform movement of water is essential in all turf management practices and assists in improving air to water ratios, drainage capacity, nutrient uptake and movement of soil applied pesticides.

Application rate: preventative 100mL per 100m2

                             curative 200-300mL per 100m2
Irrigate in immediately after application.
Do not tank mix with any product.

Do not apply in temperatures above 32 degrees Celsius.

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