Lawnporn Green Light 1L Bottle

Lawnporn Green Light 1L Bottle

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Lawnporn Green Light is specifically formulated with a high balanced Nitrogen and added Iron to give your lawn a deep green. Use during growing season for best results and this is suitable for all grass types.

The Nitrogen and Iron assist with the upper plant health and works best applied to healthy lawn that for example, has been treated with Launch+ and recovered (from injury, stress or renovation practices)

Includes a 1 litre bottle

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For too long, professional strength products have been out of reach for domestic Lawnie’s because you have to buy in bulk. Lawnporn Green Light is the exact professional product that professionals use.

Application rate: 200-400mL per 100m2 of lawn in 5-15L of water depending on application method. Suitable for all grass types.

First application should be at lowest strength.

No need to water in after application.

Can be tank mixed with Root Builder+

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