Norma Cobra Clamps 13mm x100

Norma Cobra Clamps 13mm x100


Norma Cobra clamps to suit 13mm black low density poly or 13mm inline drip.

Includes one box of 100 clamps

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Norma Cobra Clamps 13mm

Bolt free clamp to suit 13mm poly pipe. Can be used for our 13mm low density black poly or 13mm Drip Eze inline drip tube. An alternative where higher pressure or direct sunlight can cause issues to plastic clamps.


Norma Cobra ClampsCobra Clamp

  1. Self-adjusting diameter – compensation for tolerances at the outer diameter of the hose
  2. Colour-coding – a rapid way of visually distinguishing between nominal diameters
  3. Protruding tool gripping points – easy and safe installation
  4. Date of manufacture and machine number indicated
  5. Single lock-in point – installation indicator for easy visual checking
  6. Band material with rounded outer edges – hose protection

Cobra tool sold separately

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Weight .500 kg
Dimensions 23 × 16 × 16 cm


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