Antelco Ceta 2L/H Pressure Compensating Drip x100

Antelco Ceta 2L/H Pressure Compensating Drip x100


Includes 1 bag of 100 Antelco Ceta 2L/H drip


Antelco Ceta 2 Litres an Hour Pressure Compensating Drip

Antelco Ceta 2

A take apart pressure compensating dripper incorporating a turbulent flow path and diaphragm for uniform flow rates over a wide range of operating pressures.


  • Low manufacturing coefficient of variation (Cv) provides high performance (conforms to ISO 9261).
  • Three colour coded flow rates: 2lph (Red), 4 lph (Black) & 8 lph (Green).
  • Self-flushing cleaning action at low pressures.
  • Large clog resistant turbulent flow path.
  • The CETA® dripper is able to be taken apart for inspection and cleaning.
  • Anti-insect baffle to deter insect entry.
  • Constructed of high quality UV, chemical & fertiliser resistant materials.


Vineyards, orchards, row crops and landscape.

Ceta Chart

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Weight .130 kg
Dimensions 21.5 × 28 × 5 cm


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