We stock a full Range of sprinklers pipe and fittings for all size lawns

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Pop up sprays Shop Now

hunter pop upsprinkler

Pop up sprays to suit domestic sized lawns. Fully adjustable nozzles of 0º to 360º with a radius range of 1.2m to 5.2m. Please see our online store for full range of pop-ups and nozzles and contact us for any design tips. Design tips can also be seen on our hints and tips page.

Low flow pop ups Shop Now

sprinklerMP rotator

Low flow nozzles are designed for situations where your water supply has inadequate flow supply. These nozzles produce a multi-trajectory rotating stream at a much steadier and slower rate. This allows a slower infiltration rate into your soil which reduces water run-off and can save up to 30% of your water compared to traditional sprays. Perfect for small to large sized domestic lawns with the range allowing a radius of 2.5m up to 10.7m. Considered the top of the range domestic sprinkler which can be used not only in low flow rate situations. Please see our Hint and Tips page for design tips or contact us.

Gear drive sprinklers Shop Now

hunter sprinklersprinkler

Gear drive sprinklers are designed for larger lawns with a radius ranging from 5m to 14m. Each sprinkler comes with a nozzle rack to set the water stream at a certain radius. Please see our hints and tips page or contact us for any design tips. Larger turf gear drives are available on request.