Irritrol 50mm Solenoid 217MT With Flow Control

Irritrol 50mm Solenoid 217MT With Flow Control


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50mm BSP inlet and outlet

24v AC solenoid coil

Flow control

Manual bleed

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These durable, heavy-duty commercial valves offer a selection of key features designed to provide reliable, cost-effective performance under the most challenging conditions.


• Double-beaded diaphragm provides leak-proof seal.

• High-strength ribbed bonnet and bottom inlet.

• Manual internal and external bleed.

• Slow-closing design reduces water hammer.

• Flow control allows precise flow adjustment and manual shutoff.

• Heavy-duty, construction. Corrosion- and UV-resistant PVC with stainless steel spring and hardware.

• Threaded inlet plug O-ring seal prevents leaks.

• Captive plunger feature eliminates loose parts in solenoid.

• Easily serviced without removal from the system.

• Unique three-way stainless steel bonnet screws accept Phillips, flatblade and hex-driver tools.

Operating Specifications

• Flow Range: 225 – 450 L/M.

• Pressure Range: 140 – 1034 kPa

Electrical Specifications

• Solenoid: 24 VAC.

• Inrush volt-amp: 24 VAC – 11.50 VA.

• Inrush current: 0.34 amp.

• Holding volt-amp: 24 VAC – 5.75 VA.

• Holding current: 0.2 amp.

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