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lawnporn root builder

Lawnporn Root Builder+

A premium quality natural seaweed concentrate developed specifically for turf. Freshly harvested South African seaweed Ecklonia Maxima, which has unique characteristics and is treated with a proprietary method of hormone extraction resulting in a bio stimulant with ideal auxin to cytokinin ratio to trigger maximum root development.

Root Builder+ has the ideal naturally occurring auxin to cytokinin ratio (300:1) that achieves the greatest root growth response. This results in a more efficient soil nutrient uptake from the new root tips and extended root mass of the plant. The plant naturally responds to the extended root system and the enhanced nutrient uptake with better upper plant growth, more shoots, improved plant health and stress tolerance.

Tank-mixed with Launch+ or Green Light Fertilisers.

If using plant growth regulator, can be tank-mixed with Green Light. A Green Light/Root Builder/PGR is a very good treatment to maintain a lower height for effectively managed turf.

Application rate: 50-100mL per 100m2 of lawn in 5-15L of water depending on application method. Suitable for all grass types.

First application should be at the lowest strength.

No need to water after application.

Effectively tank-mixes with Launch+ and Green Light Fertiliser.

lawnporn launch

Lawnporn Launch+

Specially formulated for the start of growing season, lawns under repair from stress or injury and establishing new lawn. With high nutrient levels we’ve also added the Kelp for bio stimulant activity. This is a professional starter and repair fertiliser.

As a key nutritional requirement in establishment and root system development, phosphorous is an essential component of Launch+, containing 10% P as phosphite, which provides sustained supply of phosphorus within the soil as it is converted to plant usable phosphate within the root zone. This is given to the root zone at a precise level as avoiding overloading the plant with phosphorous would compromise uptake of key micronutrients such as iron.

Application rate: 50-100mL per 100m2 of lawn in 5-15L of water depending on application method. Suitable for all grass types.

First application should be at lowest strength.

No need to water in after application.

Can be tank-mixed with Root Builder+

lawnporn moist

Lawnporn Moist

A professional grade soil wetter, designed to maximise water usage and availability in the root zone of lawn. MOIST is a unique combination of powerful surfactant technologies filling different roles in the water management process.

The benefits are a greatly improved lawn because you’ll have much better water retention abilities in the soil profile. Your lawn efficiently uses available water which is better managed in the soil.

MOIST is excellent for sandy soils, loam and clay soils. After application, irrigate 4-6mm of water depending on soil type (sandy soil less, loam more) to get the product into the profile of the soil. Typically a 10-15 minute water is a rough guide. Adjust to your conditions appropriately.

MOIST provides superior distribution of water throughout the rootzone. Uniform movement of water is essential in all turf management practices and assists in improving air to water ratios, drainage capacity, nutrient uptake and movement of soil applied pesticides.

Application rate: preventative 100mL per 100m2

                             curative 200-300mL per 100m2

Irrigate in immediately after application

Do not tank mix with any product.

Do not apply in temperatures above 32 degrees Celsius.

lawnporn charger

Lawnporn Charger

Specifically formulated to promote lateral turf grass growth as well as enhance colour. The unique blend of macro and minor nutrients and hormone growth promoters maximises the developmental potential of the turf grass resulting in more rapid establishment, grow in, or recovery from damage or renovation. Charger also maintains growth and colour of warm season grasses during cooler months.


Rapid recovery from incidences of plant stress, grow in or renovations.

Improved colour of turf grass in cooler periods of the year.

Dual nitrogen source for fast and efficient uptake by the plant.

High analysis iron and manganese in plant available form for rapid uptake.

Rapid green up response for improved turf colour and appearance.

Manufactured in Australia.

More information:
Nitrogen and potassium often interact and adequate levels of each are important for optimum plant health, especially when conditions that favour low K are present – such as leaching, low CEC sands, acid soils and soils where high sodium is present. Some of these factors on their own, when combined, or when other external stresses are imparted on the plant such as disease or renovations, can weaken it by depleting carbohydrates, reducing the root system or making tissues more succulent.

Turf grasses require potassium in relatively large amounts, second only to nitrogen. Potassium is referred to as the turf ‘toughener’ and its main purpose is to improve stress tolerance within the plant. It is an ideal element to be used in conjunction with nitrogen, as while N produces cell growth, potassium strengthens the walls of the cell, hardening it to stresses such as disease and pest infestation. As K reduces in the plant, the most common concern is adverse water relationships and drought stress as stomatal control becomes less efficient and transpiration increases as the stomata stay open. This results in higher water use, rapid onset of drought stress and wilt, greater high temperature stress and loss of cell turgor pressure.

Stress on the plant imparted by traffic and wear is then increased. Recovery is slowed by reduced protein synthesis, low enzyme activity and reduced photosynthesis..

Charger with its 1:1 ratio of N : K, along with other proprietary ingredients, has been formulated to assist turf grass in periods of stress, and help regain and maintain health and vigour when needed the most.

lawnporn green light

Lawnporn Green Light

Specifically formulated with a high balanced Nitrogen and added Iron to give your lawn a deep green. Use during growing season for best results and this is suitable for all grass types.

The Nitrogen and Iron assist with the upper plant health and works best applied to healthy lawn that for example, has been treated with Launch+ and recovered (from injury, stress or renovation practices)

For too long, professional strength products have been out of reach for domestic Lawnie’s because you have to buy in bulk. We at Lawnporn thought that unfair and have packaged it a handy 5L container at a reasonable price. Lawnporn Green Light is the exact professional product that professionals use.

Application rate: 200-400mL per 100m2 of lawn in 5-15L of water depending on application method. Suitable for all grass types.

First application should be at lowest strength.

No need to water in after application.

Can be tank mixed with Root Builder+

lawnporn insta green

Lawnporn Insta-Green

A premium turf colourant based on a unique blend of pigments, designed to improve turf colour and health. Mix accordingly tot he recommended dilution rates and apply when improved turf colour is desired such as winter dormancy or drought, following renovation or any time a boost in colour is required. Lawnporn Insta-Green can also be tank mixed with most herbicides or other plant protection products to improve application uniformity.

Long Lasting natural green colour

Improve turf colour during dormancy

Tank mix with herbicides to improve application accuracy

Achieve a stadium quality finish

lawnporn four seasons

Lawnporn Four Seasons [Slow Release Granular 4Kg]

Four Seasons is a professional grade slow release granular fertiliser. It is the style of fertiliser used by professional golf courses and sportsfield professionals designed to provide rapid and prolonged plant growth and greening effect. Slow release nitrogen and potassium will continue to feed the lawn for up to 16 weeks. One of the most practical benefits of Lawnporn Four Season is the superior 150SGN granule size. The smaller granule size reduces the chance of fertiliser prills being damaged or picked up by mowing after application. In addition, the smaller granule will provide better coverage over the turf surface when applied offering superior performance.

Dual action slow release for up to 16 weeks
As used by professional turf curators
Professional grade mini prill
Controlled release potassium
150 SGN granule size prill
Ideal for the home lawn enthusiast
Treats up 250m2

25-0-13-3 +3%FE