Ideal Twister 61 Wire Connectors x100

Ideal Twister 61 Wire Connectors x100

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Includes x4 packs of 25 61 Twister Wire Connectors

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Ideal Twister 61 Wire Connectors

  • For use in damp areas
  • IP68
  • Complies to AS/NZS IEC 60998.1 and AS/NZS IEC 60998.2.4 Standards
  • 100% silicone based sealant protects against moisture and corrosion
  • UL listed to 486G sealed twist on wire connector

Installation Instructions

  1. Do not exceed the rating of these connectors.
  2. Turn off power before removing or installing connectors.
  3. Wiring must comply with all applicable electrical regulations.
  4. Copper to copper only. Do not use on aluminium wire.
  5. Incorrect use of these connectors can cause electrical fires, personal injury or death.
  6. Strip wires back to required length.
  7. Straighten wires and align frayed strands.
  8. Hold wires together with ends even. Lead stranded wires slightly ahead of solid wires.
  9. Pre-twisting acceptable, but not required. When pre-twisting, strip wires long, hold wires together with insulation even, twist wire ends together, trim conductors to recommended strip length.
  10. Hold wires firmly, insert wire bundle into connector and twist clockwise until tight.

ideal twistertwist connector instructions


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