We stock a large range of drippers, sprays and fittings to suit all your garden needs

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A wide range of drippers to suit your plant needs. Ideal for applying water in a desired location at a set rate. They generally come in 2, 4 and 8 litres per hour. Pressure compensating drippers provide a uniform flow rate from each dripper over longer distances or on slopes.

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Adjustable dripper

Perfect watering solution for a wide range of plants with the flow and coverage able to be adjusted by rotating the cap. Suitable for gardens, pots and hanging baskets. Available with barbs or threads for multiple installation methods.

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irrigation spray

Quick and easy to install to provide overhead watering for uniformly spaced gardens. A wide range of micro sprays to allow for larger volume watering with a set radius. Can be easily incorporated in an irrigation design in accordance with flow rate and pressure. Misting sprays available to suit greenhouses and side strip sprays to suit narrow garden beds.

Drip Tube

inline drip

Toro Drip Eze™ inline drip tube is an easy way to water your plants with low flow emitters that are spaced to provide water in high density plant areas. It can be installed straight off a garden tap or a solenoid to provide automatic irrigation. It is very easy to install and the brown coloured pipe makes it more discrete in your garden. Drip tube is a great solution in vegetable gardens as it provides water direct to the soil and can be rolled up or moved to the side to allow garden bed preparation. Available with pressure compensating drippers to suit longer length runs or for slopes.

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