We stock equipment for AC mains powered and DC battery powered irrigation automatic systems

Solenoids Buy Now

Irrigation solenoidhunter solenoid

Your automatic system starts with a solenoid valve which acts as an automatic valve which is powered and programmed through a controller. Each valve controls an irrigation station/zone and can be grouped together and fed by a water source. Solenoids come in a range of sizes to suit your system needs. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Controllers Buy Now

pd controllers x core 2 BHyve Outdoor

Operates the solenoids to control when your system operates. A range of options available including Indoor Controllers, Outdoor controllers and Wi-Fi. Please check our range online or contact us to help you select the right controller for your needs.

Battery Operated Buy Now

hunter nodeHunter DC Solenoid

We stock a range of solution to automate your irrigation system with battery operated equipment. DC latching coils allows you to operate a solenoid with a battery powered controller. This eliminates the need to run cables and the controller can be installed direct at the solenoid box.

Garden tap timers Buy Now

Hunter tap timerGalcon tap timer

Connect straight to your garden tap with a battery operated controller with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi options available. Perfect for small gardens or lawns as they can run drippers, sprays or small pop-ups. Not suitable for high mains pressure.